Mangrove Night Kayak Tour


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This tour is one of the most exciting, as you will be able to appreciate the nocturnal animals that are not observed during the day. When the darkness falls, it seems that everything sleeps, but in reality, the night is the awakening of a large part of the animal life, that for many people, is unknown. Depending on your choice you can choose between water or land, walking through tropical forest trails, kayaking or boating through the mangrove canals of Isla Damas.

Likewise, amphibians, reptiles, insects and mammals will be appreciated, which mostly go out to look for food. For example, snakes, spiders, moths, owls, varieties of frogs, such as the Red Eyes tree frog. This frog is one of the most beautiful species of amphibians in Costa Rica, with nocturnal behavior, uses one of the most surprising strategies in its nature, camouflage. When she sleeps


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