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Kayak | Picking garbage program

‘‘Kayaking through the forests and canals of the mangrove’’

Bird Watching | Monkey experience

‘‘Walking along its riverbed, through the humid tropical forest’’

Botanical Trails | Farm & Wild Animals | Sustainable Palm Oil Experience

“Through different forests, gardens and oil palm plantations”

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We Offer Three Main Ecotourism Activities.

Adventure & Wildlife Tours

Hiking trails, kayaking through the mangrove canals & our organic tour among oil palm trees in a wagon pulled by water buffalo.

We grow organic food, herbs and flowers

We make our own compost, some of what we grow includes, coconuts, bananas, passion fruit, sugarcane, corn, medicinal plants & tropical flowers.

We raise free range animals

In our farm we raise, chickens, goats, sheep, geese, donkeys, horses, cows & buffaloes in a sustainable way. Using the principles of permaculture.

We promote environmental education

Part of our conservation initiative is to incentivize environmental awareness to local and foreign tourists who visit us.

We grow sustainable palm oil

We are sustainable producers of palm oil, the oil coming from this farm can be marketed as oil RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

We practice Agroforestry

Land use management system in which trees are grown in agricultural landscapes. Providing food to animals, protecting the edges of rivers and canals, increasing oxygen production, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, creating a barrier to coastal flooding & expanding the biodiversity of the tropical wet ecosystem.

We preserve endangered species

We sow plants species in danger of extinction, in addition to edible forests to provide food for the animals that are threatened by the changes that you submit the planet earth.

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