Sustainable Fishing

Aquatic environments are a home to countless species of fishes and invertebrates, most of which are eaten as food. For thousands of years, people have fished to feed families and local communities, but demand for shellfish and advances in technology have led to fishing practices that are depleting resources around the world.

To continue to rely on the ocean as an important source of food, we will have to employ sustainable fishing practices. There are ways to fish sustainably, allowing us to enjoy shellfish while ensuring that stocks will remain in the future. In many indigenous cultures, people have fished sustainably for thousands of years, this method of fishing is considered sustainable because it targets one fish at a time and only catches what is needed or what is going to be consumed instantly.


With our fishing tour, you can choose to go kayaking, boating or walking to the fishing station inside the mangrove forest and you will have the opportunity to collect the live bait, cultivated by us, in our aquaculture bays.

Fish may only be caught in adulthood.

Tour hours: 8:00 – 11:00 – 14:00

Includes: Naturalist guide, fishing equipment, bait, water, and snacks

$75 per person + fishing supplement $130, children from 0 to 3 years old do not pay, from 4 to 5 years old pay half price, from 6 years old and older pay as adults.

Suggestions on what to bring: Waterproof bags, sunscreen, water shoes, hat, comfortable clothes, and water bottle.

Walk sustainable fishing

2 hours

Boat sustainable fishing

2 hours

Kayak sustainable fishing

2 hours


A wonderful way to spend a few hours near Quepos / Manuel Antonio. We got to see SO many animals and learn about this special habitat. The boat was comfortable, and it was very relaxing — good for all ages! Our guide was terrific, and the lunch afterward was delicious. Highly recommended!

Michelle Tellock

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We did the night tour and it was amazing! Our tour guide Janier was very knowledgeable and made the experience fun! Heyner was also very knowledgeable and helped spot out a lot of the animals. Fiorela was so sweet and made us feel comfortable since my friend was a little scared. We saw a lot of the nightlife of the beautiful Costa Rica. I highly recommend coming here!

Lealena B

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We booked the Mangrove Kayaking Tour. It was a great experience: very quit floating on the water, a lot to be seen and very well explained by the guide. This quite and soundless behaviour gave us a very good insight into the nature wildlife. We especially very appreciate, that this company does not feed the monkeys!

Detlef Rübesame

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We thoroughly enjoyed our night time tour. It was so peaceful to be on the water at night. The guides were informative and very friendly and we were lucky enough to see a large crocodile in the water! Along with frogs, basilisks, birds, crabs and more.


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Fun adventure in the mangroves seeing many different things, including bats, iguanas, sloths, and monkeys. Staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. We did the guided boat tour and it was a relaxing ride.

Barry Berlford

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